2nd Annual RedShelf National Sales Meeting

Last week, the entire RedShelf team was all players on deck for our 2nd Annual National Sales Meeting. During our NSM, every member of the team presents an important topic, showcase a new product feature, talk about new processes, or puts on a strategy session! The options are endless. As the meeting lasts an entire week, we wanted to give you a quick recap on the fun things that were presented during the meeting and all the fun that was had after hours!

Let's begin: Kick off! Or should we say, play ball?!

We kicked off the National Sales Meeting on Monday afternoon, going over the schedule for the week and showcasing all that we've accomplished thus far in 2016, and how we plan on getting to the end of the year. 

Following the kick off presentations, the entire RedShelf team went to the Cubs Game (and of course they won!). It was an awesome way to kick off an incredible week.

Day One: First full day!

Since our team has out grown the ability for everyone to fit within our conference room, we decided to head downtown to the Loop in Chicago and camped out for the week at the Illini Center! Can you guess what members of the RedShelf team are Illini alum?!

Day one was packed with back-to-back presentations, and everyone came armed and ready to tackle the day! The coffee was brewing, the bagels were being passed, and everyone listened intently presentation after presentation. 

Who started the day off? One of our newest investors in our Series B came and presented on "Why RedShelf." You could see the inspiration on everyone's faces!

Day Two: Keep on, Keepin' on! 

We dove right into Day Two as some presentations on our schedule had to do some fast moving and switching. Day two was packed with presentations from the Marketing team (focusing on RedShelf;s B2B and B2C efforts) and from the Development team!

 Pictured: Howie, a Front-end developer at RedShelf!

Pictured: Howie, a Front-end developer at RedShelf!

During the Marketing team's presentation, everyone was tasked with finding the best filters on Snapchat! As you can see, most of the team loved the RedShelf snapchat filter that was used on a variety of college campuses this Back-to-School season!

Day 3: Who is RedShelf?

Thursday means we need to the carry energy all the way to the end of the week! During Day 3 of the NSM, we focused on company culture, our products and services, and the processes in place that make our team efficient, lean, and fast!

Last day! 

We wrapped up the last day of the National Sales Meeting at the RedShelf office in the River North neighborhood with plenty of pastries to go around. This last day was heavily sales-strategy focused, to help our boots-on-the-ground team get ready to hit the ground running this upcoming selling season as we begin to travel the globe to various meetings, trade shows, associations, and conferences!

But, we celebrated the end of a jam packed week full of awesome talent by taking a party bus limousine to the suburbs for a team picnic!

We're looking forward to next year's National Sales Meeting, and the continued growth in the weeks ahead!