5 Must-Have Items You Need in Your Backpack this Fall!

We know, we know. Maybe you are dreading going back to school, or maybe you had a great summer and are finally ready to reconnect with college friends in your old stomping grounds called "campus." Whatever way you may be feeling, reality is finally beginning to set in and it is time to gear up for back-2-school. 

If you haven't gone shopping for all of your back-2-school necessities, now might start to be the time to start thinking about it. We have put together 5 items that us post-college grads believe to the absolute MUST-HAVE items you need in your backpack/knapsack/bag for heading to classes this Fall. Check it out!

1. Flash Drive

USB flash drives are a necessity for heading back to school. Whether it is for saving papers, bringing files to the library to print, or getting notes from your friend; you are going to need a USB. Luckily, over the last few years, USB flash drives have dropped in prices and you can find the gigabyte you need for the semester at a relatively low price!

2. Laptop or Tablet

This might be a given and a necessity for some. You might be taking classes that require you to bring a computer to class, or you might have bought eTextbooks this semester and need a device to read and study. Either way, having a laptop or tablet in your backpack will come in handy both in and outside of the classroom.

3. Calculator

You might be thinking, "why do I need a calculator? I am not taking any math classes." You could be right, maybe you don't need a calculator. But, we have come to notice in our post-grad days that every course we took has used some type of math (sigh). Better be safe than sorry!

4. A Planner

There is no better way to start the semester or term than starting with a fresh and blank planner. Write down your schedule, due dates for important projects or papers, and even any extra-curricular activities you might be take part in. This will be your key to staying organized this Fall!

5. Headphones

There are going to be days when you want to head somewhere before or after class to either do some studying or catch up on some homework. On days like those, you are going to want to plug in some headphones and tune out any other distractions. Always keep a pair of headphones in your backpack for days like these!


What other things are you bringing with you in your backpack this fall? Comment below!