8 Things on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Pinterest You Might Not Have Known Existed (BUT YOU TOTALLY SHOULD!)

Do you think you are a social-media guru? Or do you want to be? Check out these 8 things that you can do on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Pinterest that you may or may not have know before!


1. Save links or articles for later.

-  Have you ever come across an article that you wished you could read, and when you come back to your news feed its gone? Well, facebook has recently added a feature that allows users to save links to articles, events, tv shows, music, and more to read at their next convenience.
- How do you do it? Click the downward arrow located in the top right-hand corner then choose the “save” option
- In order to view the things you’ve saved: on your home page screen choose the saved in the left hand column

2. Replace ads with cuteness

 Image from Google Images

Image from Google Images

-  Sick of the constant ads popping up on your feed or on the side bars? If you can’t help but smile when it comes to seeing baby animals, then try out BabyAnimalBlocker! This free Chrome Extension turns display ads into images of pets on every website you visit (including Facebook!)

3. Edit Photos directly in the Facebook mobile App

  Image from Google Images

Image from Google Images

- Looking for a quick photo fix on mobile? You can edit photos using Facebook’s editing tools such as enhancing the photo, applying a filter, or cropping/rotating the image.
-  How do you do it? Upon uploading the photo—simply tap the image to bring up these options on the bottom of your screen


4. Embed SlideShare directly in a tweet
              - Want to share your newest SlideShare presentation? You can easily embed a SlideShare presentation into a tweet, which allows your followers to flip through it without ever having to leave Twitter
              - How do you do it? Simple! All you have to do is link to the presentation and it will embed automatically (this same capability is true for documents and videos from SlideShare)

5. Losing followers? Find out who
              - With, you are able to actually see who has unfollowed you. Why would you want to know? For brands building their Twitter presence and experimenting with strategy (like posting times and content). If you find influencers for your brand or industry are unfollowing you, then you can use this information to help your twitter strategy.

6. #Hashtag research!
             - allows you to research different hashtags and see whether users are well...using it! It also shows how often it is being used over time. With this kind of knowledge, you might find what type of audience is using the hashtag as well—and if it is not by a long shot interrelated to your niche, you probably don’t want to use it!


7. Add specific *hidden* notes!

  Image from Google Images

Image from Google Images

              - This little-known feature on LinkedIn allows you to add relationship notes, reminders, and a note on how you met (or perhaps who introduced you) to any of your connections.
              - How do you do it? Go to any one of your connections, and right under the person’s profile picture, click “Relationship”. Remember: these notes are hidden and can only be seen by you!


8. See who is pinning from YOUR site
              -   Want to see specific Pinterest users that are pinning from your website? Well, that’s easy!
              -   How do you do it? Simply copy and paste this link into your address bar: then replace the “” with your website’s address


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