3 New Features to Make Studying Easier This Fall!

Guess what users of RedShelf eBooks! Our eReader has 3 awesome new features to help you study this year! So what's new? Our 3 new features include flash card creation, study guide creation, and collaboration. In this post, we will describe how you can use each feature to help you take better notes and making studying easier with your eBooks!

Flash Cards

With this new feature, readers can create flashcards on the fly. Flash cards are a great tool to help improve your active recall while also aiding in studies as you self-test yourself on definitions, phrases, or concepts. In our how-to videos below, we walk you through how to create your flash cards and how to study your flash cards.

Study Guide Creator

The second feature aggregates all of the readers notes, highlights, and any other annotations and creates a study guide. The user can decide which sections, notes, or chapters to include in the study guide or even choose them all! This feature will hopefully further help the user organize all of their notes in one comprehensive place and help them prepare for their upcoming exams! To learn more about how you can use the tool, check out the video below!

Collaboration Tool

The third new feature is our collaboration tool! With this new feature, users with the same eBook in their account can share notes, highlights, and all other annotations. To do this, they must first create a Collaboration (one would be the organizer, and the other would be the joinee). This tool is useful for study groups or students with the same eBooks for class, or even a professor and class of students who would like to take notes for the students to use when studying! In the below video, we show you how the feature is used between a professor and a student.


These new features are available on all of our titles! Make sure you watch the videos to help you understand how best to use each feature on the eReader!

Want to check out the features yourself? Log in to your eBook today and Start Reading!


If you are having trouble with some of the features or have questions about your eBook, you can always reach out to our Customer Support team at: