"Combatting the rising costs of college, GV professors offer online textbooks at lower cost"

The Grand Valley State University Student Newspaper, The Lanthorn, featured RedShelf in a recent article about how two statistics professors used RedShelf to publish a custom eTextbook.

“Grand Valley is an awesome example of what can happen with collaboration between a company like us and the bookstore to hopefully give out more affordable and helpful options to students,” Uhelski said.

An excerpt from the article:

Gabrosek used the text as a course packet for many years, getting it published through the GVSU bookstore. After adding onto the course packet to make it into a textbook and wanting to publish it, he got into contact with Tony Glaab, associate manager of the GVSU bookstore, about RedShelf.

“There are companies that do similar things, but I think RedShelf does it better,” Glaab said. “(RedShelf’s) platform sets them apart. And the fact that the cost is very minimal as far what it costs to actually store the data – it’s all cloud-based. I think they were a little ahead of the curve, technologically.”

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