RedShelf Leads eTextbook Pack as the Only Startup to Partner Directly With the Big 5 Academic Publishers

RedShelf Leads eTextbook Pack as the Only Startup to Partner Directly With the Big 5 Academic Publishers

Leading Digital Edu Distributor Now Offers More Than 150K eBooks and eTextbooks, Boosts ebook Sales for Its 150+ University Bookstore Partners

RedShelf, a Chicago-based startup spurring digital adoption in higher education and one of the fastest-growing distributors of eTextbooks in the U.S., has partnered with Pearson, McGraw-Hill, Cengage, Macmillan and John Wiley & Sons. It is the only education tech startup to have a direct partnership with all five publishers. The agreements mean that students will have access to more than 150,000 titles through RedShelf's site and 150+ university bookstore partners. RedShelf also collaborates closely with its publishers on a number of initiatives to help them spur digital adoption on campus and improve ease-of-use for campus faculty and bookstore partners.

"RedShelf has been a great addition to The Cornell Store's format options for course materials. Students are slowly beginning to adopt the eTextbook format as an affordable and flexible alternative to traditional print," said Chris Cave, Academic Materials Manager at The Cornell Store. "Since offering digital distribution through a white labeled RedShelf site, our bookstore has seen our online eBook sales double in sales compared to the prior year. It has been an easy-to-implement tool and has been beneficial in pushing the digital course material initiative at our store."

RedShelf offers eTextbooks to a reach of approximately two million students across the US with up to 60% savings in comparison to new traditional print textbooks. By working with more than 400 independent publishers, RedShelf delivers course content through their online marketplace and through their university bookstore partners. The additional digital purchase and rental offerings from Pearson, McGraw-Hill, Cengage, Macmillan and John Wiley & Sons add a more affordable option for the most commonly required textbooks.

"We firmly believe that digital textbooks are close to a tipping point in adoption, and we want to directly support our university and publisher partners in driving that shift," said Greg Fenton, CEO at RedShelf. "Our goal is to make it as easy as possible for students to access course content digitally and help publishers find additional channels to build engagement and increase revenue. It's a win for everyone."

About RedShelf: 
RedShelf is a leading supplier of digital learning materials, dedicated to providing paramount technology to the learning community in order to accelerate the transition to digital. In collaboration with strategic partners, publishers, institutional bookstores, and other content creators, RedShelf streamlines the discovery and distribution of eBooks and other digital course materials for today's student learners. Utilizing a seamless browser-based eReader solution along with a powerful eCommerce engine, RedShelf provides easily accessible and cost-effective learning materials to learners everywhere. Please visit for additional company information.


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