'Survive & Thrive with RedShelf'

We understand the craziness of back-to-school. The craziness doesn't just exist on campus, or at home, but it also exists in the bookstore, and here at RedShelf! To help out with the craziness this Fall, our sales team was tasked to help out a few of their bookstore partners 'Survive & Thrive' this season.

Take a look at some of the pictures and the places that our sales team ventured out to over the past couple of weeks to help our partners get through the craziness of rush!

Up first is one of our East Coast Sales Representatives, Gordon! He headed to New York to help out with a few of our partners including Syracuse and Cornell University. Gordon got involved by helping out with stocking the shelves and even ringing up customers. We think Gordon probably wanted to stay on campus and just join in on the fun that is back-to-school!

From coast to coast, we are now heading over to the west coast to see what our sales rep, Jenna, has been up to! During this Survive & Thrive mini-campaign, Jenna visited a select few of her partners to make sure they were fully ready to showcase their digital textbook options in-store. With RedShelf's new in-store marketing designs, Jenna wanted to help with the placement of all shelf-tags and posters! Jenna visited several stores, including Rogue Community College and Umpqua Community College.

Our Midwest Sales Managers took to the road and visited several bookstores to help with the rush of back-to-school. Both Drew and Kyle headed to Michigan, Wisconsin, and even Missouri to visit some of out store partners. Some of the stores they visited included Michigan State University, Aurora University, University of Illinois at Chicago and Ashland University!

Some of our sales team members are still on the road helping our stores 'survive & thrive' this back-to-school season! Follow us on social media to see where they are headed!